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d-Limonene & Essential Oils

The main component of citrus oil is d-Limonene. It is a natural terpene available in various grades:
• Technical Grade
• Food Grade
• Lemon-Lime Grade
• High Purity Grade (low odor)
• Ultra High Purity Food Grade (low odor)
• Lemon-Lime Terpenes
• Grapefruit Terpenes

In addition to d-Limonene and terpenes, other oils are extracted from citrus.
• Cold pressed orange oil
d-LimoneneEarly/Midseason orange oil
d-LimoneneValencia orange oil
d-LimoneneBrazilian orange oil
• Orange essence oil
• 100% Organic citrus oils
• 5-fold orange oil
• 10-fold orange oil
• 20-fold orange oil
• Lemon oil
• Lime oil
• Grapefruit oil
• Tangerine oil

See our Product Guide for the various applications of our products.

Fresh Notes® Flavor and Fragrance Fractions

We have expanded our operations to include a processing division. This addition includes state of the art laboratories, increased bulk storage, blending facilities, and extensive vacuum/molecular distillation capabilities. These advanced manufacturing processes enable us to offer new products and services to our customers. Our new product portfolio includes High Purity Terpenes streams and specialty citrus fractions for flavor and fragrance applications.


See our Product List for the various applications of our products.

Formulated Products

Florida Chemical offers a line of formulated products to help you offer safer, environmentally-friendly solutions to your customers, without expensive formulation and R&D time.

Citrus Burst

Citrus Burst® Line

These products are proprietary citrus-based formulations for specific applications. They are designed to make formulating new products easier and to reduce unnecessary ingredient inventories. These concentrated (no water) formulations can be used as starting points for numerous retail and industrial products. Our Citrus Burst® line is formulated with the environment in mind and all products are nonyl-phenol free (no NP-surfactants), ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), and HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants).


CitruSoy® Line

Our citrus and soybean-based formulations are designed for many types of industrial cleaning applications. These bio-based alternative solvents have excellent chemical properties, a pleasant citrus fragrance, and offer many environmental health benefits. Our CitruSoy® line is 100% bio-based, ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants), and contain no petroleum-based solvents.

Custom Blends & Product Development Projects

Florida Chemical has a proven track record of developing proprietary formulas designed to meet a specific application or customer need. If our existing products do not meet your requirements, please contact us. We offer confidential product development and formulation support.

See our Product Guide for the various applications of our products.


In addition to our traditional citrus line, Florida Chemical offers the following items to complement your formulating needs:

E-Z-Mulse- a proprietary surfactant package designed to emulsify d-Limonene, orange oil, and other terpenes in water.

Natural Mulse - a custom surfactant designed to address specific environmental and product performance requirements.

Soybean and Vegetable Esters – additional plant-based solvents that will bring performance attributes to product formulations.

Limonene X – other natural terpenes for use in applications when cost is an issue and citrus terpenes and fragrance are not required.

Contact our technical staff for formulation assistance. Our product knowledge can reduce your formulation cost and R&D time.

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